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“Leading specialty coffee shop design agency creating innovative interiors across Saudi Arabia.”

Modern coffee shop design in Saudi Arabia has flourished in the last few years with the growth in popularity of specialty coffee. Liqui’s contribution to this vibrant coffee culture can be seen in a growing number of Saudi Arabia coffee shops from Mecca and Jeddah to Riyadh – with each coffee shop design having its own unique look informed by our distinctive contemporary aesthetic.

Coffee has long been integral to the way of life in Saudi Arabia. Coffee farming itself dates back several hundreds of years with the greatest number of coffee farms now concentrated in Jazan. But it is thought that coffee could have been introduced to the region as far back as the 11th century with the first coffee shops appearing around five centuries later. Coming up to date, 2022 was declared by the government to be the Year of Saudi Coffee which is indicative of the important role coffee continues to play in the country’s culture.

“Leading specialty coffee shop design agency creating innovative interiors across Saudi Arabia.”

Traditionally, the serving of coffee is intrinsic to good hospitality in Saudi Arabia and now a younger generation is developing their own coffee culture with speciality coffee at its core. Liqui’s coffee shop design reflects this contemporary outlook and has been realized through our forward-thinking approach to modern commercial interior design. Most of the coffee shops we have designed in the Kingdom are reasonably large in scale and are on two stories with bespoke staircases to link the levels. Some have an on-site roastery with glass walls that are integral to the coffee shop design – allowing the process to be an intrinsic part of the experience.

Each interior contains a variety of seating areas – some open and spacious (such as an outside shaded terrace), others more enclosed and private. Every café has a bespoke counter as well as a retail area for branded products, and there are lighting installations and architectural features that elevate the interiors and make each coffee shop design unique. Most, if not all, furniture and lighting within the cafés has been designed and manufactured by Liqui and is either bespoke or customized to fit the style of individual coffee shops. With our ability to offer an all-encompassing service, our modern interior design for hospitality is not only innovative but makes commercial sense for our clients.

In addition to our coffee shop design, Liqui has also created numerous airport kiosks across Saudi Arabia. On top of this, we have designed several luxury restaurants and a creative public space for a new shopping mall.

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"environmentally focused creative agency and an authority in Saudi coffee interior design."

We create innovative cafe interiors with an effective commercial purpose that works for both clients and their customers. Our coffee shop design services include interior design, project management, bespoke furniture and lighting design together with manufacture and full fit-out. If required, a complete brand creation service is available through our branding agency Crate47.

All of these services can be taken in full or in part (i.e. design only) – the choice is yours.

Liqui creates original coffee bar and cafe interior design work for a range of different clients within the coffee industry; from large coffee machine companies to independent coffee shop owners. It’s a collaborative process between our coffee shop designers and our client’s – always with the end user in mind.

Awarded top 100 architects and designers of the world 2022

"With our ability to offer an all-encompassing service, our modern interior design for hospitality both in Saudi and internationally, is not only innovative but makes commercial sense."

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