Capital Industrial
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Saville Row style by London Office Designers.

"Functionality, aesthetics, and workplace wellness are key to this modern London office design."

Liqui Group’s London office designers combined functionality with aesthetics for the new Saville Row headquarters of the commercial real estate company Capital Industrial. Focusing on modern office design principles, including workplace wellness, we transformed the interior into a bright and sophisticated workspace design that not only functions ergonomically but creates an appealing and pleasant place to work as well.

Our London office designers extensively updated the existing offices and created an inviting new reception area, a breakout space for informal interaction, and a gym for exercise. This human centred design creates an environment where employees can thrive; improving staff retention and attracting new talent.

"Our experience with Liqui for our office refurbishment was simply fantastic! The team was incredible to work with right from the start.

They took the time to really get us, resulting in an office space that fits us perfectly and boosts our productivity. We absolutely cannot recommend these guys enough!."
Roger Montaut - Capital Industrial - London

Promoting well-being, engagement, and productivity.

“The various spaces that make up the office interior design are interlinked in a way that allows a flow between them that’s conducive to collaboration and creativity."

Embracing biophilic design, our London office designers have integrated natural greenery into the workspace, creating an environment that promotes employee well-being, engagement, and productivity.

A muted colour palette creates a sense of calm throughout the office design which has been enhanced by the restrained use of a signature dark blue in a few specific places including cupboard doors and upholstery. Liqui’s London office designers have also used different colours, textures, textiles and furniture to both delineate the individual spaces and give variety. Soft furnishings and rugs have been used in the breakout and reception areas to give the spaces a more domestic feel. This has become an important trend in modern office design since the pandemic – helping to encourage employees back to the workplace by making them feel more at home.

Custom furniture and bespoke fixtures.

"We created bespoke desking solutions and storage units which features pocket doors to maintain an open floor space"

Our London office designers created an interior design with a fairly minimal look to facilitate an atmosphere of calm.
An uncluttered working environment is key to this, and to this end, our custom made meeting room tables have hidden cable trays. In the open office area we created a large bank of bespoke storage units which features pocket doors to maintain an open floor space. And at the ends of the rows of desks we have created blocks of lockers so that staff have somewhere to keep their private belongings out of the way. These lockers also function as planters with the greenery making a more pleasant place to work. As does the bespoke acoustic panelling, which not only keeps noise levels to a minimum, but enhances the space visually with its natural wood finish. These features are all part of the human-centric approach of our London office designers to enhance workplace wellness.

A complete office design and interior fit out.

"Liqui Group's team managed the entire Capital Industrial project, from design and manufacture, to fit-out. "

In addition to the interior design, we took care of all new furniture, decoration, procurement, installation, documentation, and health and safety. As with all our office interiors, digital connectivity is paramount and there are wireless charging points and pop-up chargers integrated throughout the interior. We provided the client with a comprehensive turn-key service resulting in a complete office design and interior fit out.

Our custom lighting and bespoke furniture and fixtures merge modern technology with handcrafted precision and everything is made in Britain with a commitment to excellence and sustainable design. With longevity in mind, our London office designers believe that the timeless appeal of high quality, natural materials and good design should ensure that this flexible office design remains viable for years to come.

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