Procurement Management.

What is procurement?

"Procurement management is perfect for streamlining organisation."

What does procurement mean? The Procurement process is the management of all items from the design stage, right through to the finished installation. We start this during the initial design phase and this does not end until the final finished interior is complete. 

Our procurement methods range from gathering the cost and lead-time of specified items during the initial interior concept, arranging storage based on measurements right through to checking the requirements needed for quantities, delivery and installation. 

Starting at the first stage.

Procurement saves time, resources and provides the foundation for great organization.

When we are in the initial design phase of your project, we will calculate all the FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment) that is being specified. This is so we can ensure that your project remains within budget and gives us a crystal clear picture on delivery times. 

This can usually be a very time consuming part of a project following the design stage, which is why professional procurement management is so crucial to optimizing the full design and fit-out experience. We can handle this along side the design stage, saving precious time and money. 

Procurement process.

Interior design.

We begin our procurement management right at the start-line. We make sure we have a great understanding of all the items we are specifying in your design, so you know what to expect moving forward. 


Because of our hands on approach at the design stage, we can begin the FF&E much earlier than most design agencies, often saving money and time for manufacturing and making sure we stick to deadlines.

The Workshop.

As well as locating and ordering furniture externally, we also make our own furniture. Being able to specify our own high quality furnishings gives us a much clearer picture for being ready to install on time, cutting out the guessing that other areas of procurement management may not be able to cover.

Organizing Delivery.

Making sure everything arrives on time, and when its needed. We’ll store what is not needed at the current build stage, and only send what is necessary. This prevents damage and reduces risk of items being missed. 


Using our team of dedicated installers, we can offer with pin-point accuracy times and dates of installation, as well as feet on the ground to ensure the process goes smoothly. Every aspect of the install being monitored, controlled and managed.

We partner with like-minded people who share our belief that things can be different.

Working with suppliers and installers.

"Thanks to the expansive list of connections and contacts, installation is smooth sailing"

Our roots are in sustainable furniture/lighting design and making, which, in the field of interior design makes us quite unique. We’ve never strayed away from these roots – our sustainable designer maker origins remain core to who we are. Today we manufacture contract furniture and lighting for commercial interiors all around the world.

The interior design and branding studio deliberately overlooks our workshop. Through this our interior designers, brand designers and joiners work together to create award winning commercial interiors and branded environments. We combine our design teams experience in sustainable interior design with the skills of our joiners to produce interiors with custom and bespoke furniture, fixtures and lighting. The result gives our clients the ultimate in interior design and high end fit out.


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